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  • Austria

    We maximise the potential of the relationship between the UK and Austria in support of British businesses and citizens. We work together with Austria to implement policy on Europe and the single market.

  • Austria travel advice

    Latest travel advice for Austria including safety and security, entry requirements, travel warnings and health

  • Living in Austria

    The UK and Austrian benefits are available to Britons living in Austria and information on driving regulations in Austria.

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  • Notarial and documentary services guide for Austria

    Part ofAbroad ,Living abroad ,Help for british nationals living overseas

    Documents, certificates, letters and notes available at the British Embassy in Austria.

  • Cabotage

    Part ofDriving ,Drivers lorries buses

    Information on the restrictions on cabotage, or the haulage of goods for hire or reward in one EU member state by a vehicle registered in a different member state

  • Driving abroad

    Part ofAbroad ,Living abroad

    You’ll need a Great Britain or Northern Ireland licence to drive abroad and an International Driving Permit in some non-EU countries

  • Liechtenstein travel advice

    Part ofForeign travel advice

    Latest travel advice for Liechtenstein including safety and security, entry requirements, travel warnings and health

  • Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG)

    Part ofCitizenship ,International development ,Development funding business

    Aims to encourage private infrastructure investment in developing countries that contributes to economic growth and poverty reduction.

  • State Pension if you retire abroad

    Part ofWorking ,State pension

    State pension if you’re overseas – how to claim, rates, payment and tax, contact the International Pension Centre

  • Passport renewals if you’re registered as British National (Overseas)

    Part ofAbroad ,Passports

    Renew your British passport if you registered as a British National (Overseas) before July 1997 – forms, cost, how to apply

  • Entering the UK

    Part ofAbroad

    UK border control – passport checks, visas for entering, transiting and layovers

  • Collective (group) passports

    Part ofAbroad ,Passports

    Collective (group) passports – who they’re for, how to apply and how to get a collective passport changed

  • Claiming benefits if you live, move or travel abroad

    Part ofBenefits ,Entitlement

    Benefits you can claim if you go abroad and countries with social security arrangements with the UK

  • Penalty points (endorsements)

    Part ofDriving ,Vehicle safety

    You could get penalty points (endorsements) on your driving licence if you’re convicted of a motoring offence

  • Vehicle documents required for international road haulage

    Part ofBusiness ,Imports exports ,Transporting goods

    Vehicle documents drivers need to legally cross international borders in a UK-registered vehicle.

  • Export finance and insurance: international agreements

    Part ofBusiness ,Imports exports ,Export finance

    International co-operation for export credit financing, how UK Export Finance works with the OECD, the EU, the Paris Club and the Berne Union.

  • International authorisations and permits for road haulage

    Part ofBusiness ,Imports exports ,Transporting goods

    Information on the authorisations and permits required to operate Gross Vehicle Weight vehicles above 3.5 tonnes on international journeys

  • Completing your Intrastat Supplementary Declaration

    Part ofBusiness ,Imports exports ,Import and export procedures

    Commodity codes, values, delivery terms, Nature of Transaction Codes, net mass and supplementary units for completing Intrastat Supplementary Declarations.

  • Personal food, plant and animal product imports

    Part ofBusiness ,Imports exports ,Import and export controls

    Guidance for individual travellers bringing food or other products with a plant or animal origin into the UK for personal use, or receiving such products by post.

  • Trading in the EU

    Part ofBusiness ,Manufacturing ,Import and export of manufactured goods

    How harmonised standards, freer trading regulations and reduced paperwork make the ‘single market’ of the EU attractive to importers and exporters.

  • Disease prevention for livestock farmers

    Part ofBusiness ,Farming ,Livestock

    Farmers can stop the introduction and spread of animal disease by maintaining good hygiene and biosecurity standards.

  • Animal by-products: collection, storage and disposal

    Part ofBusiness ,Farming ,Farming and the environment

    Check the categories of ABPs and the regulations for their collection, storage, transportation, treatment and disposal.

  • Extradition: processes and review

    Part ofJustice ,Rights ,Policing

    Extradition processes and agreements between the UK and other countries, role of the Secretary of State, High Court and Supreme Court and the extradition review

  • Pet travel: information for pet owners

    Part ofAbroad ,Travel abroad ,Pet travel and welfare

    Information on pet passports, microchipping, vaccination and routes for people bringing pet dogs, cats or ferrets into the UK.

  • Keeping livestock healthy: disease controls and prevention

    Part ofBusiness ,Farming ,Livestock

    Farmers and stockmen should know how to prevent, control and treat animal diseases through farm health planning and close working with vets.

  • Fallen stock: safe disposal

    Part ofBusiness ,Farming ,Livestock

    Rules for dealing with carcasses when livestock dies on your farm, including animal incineration and testing cattle for BSE

  • Country cover policy and indicators

    Part ofBusiness ,Imports exports ,Export finance

    Find out about cover policy and indicators for countries that are covered by UK Export Finance.

  • Dispatching your goods within the EU

    Part ofBusiness ,Imports exports ,Transporting goods

    What’s involved in selling or dispatching goods to EU member states, including VAT, figures for Intrastat, licensing and controls.

  • Medals: campaigns, descriptions and eligibility

    Part ofCitizenship ,Charities honours ,Military awards and commemorations

    Medals awarded to Service personnel and civilians in recent times with an explanation of who can receive them.