Return Journeys

At Stuff2Move we are committed to a carbon neutral way of working so that we look after our planet and we all have a future.

return journey save fuel

There are empty vehicles on our roads returning from removals, courier  drops and much more every day. At Stuff2Move we want to make the most of our empty vehicles by offering return journeys at special rates. These return loads are a great way of moving items that would not otherwise be cost effective such as e-bay items, Ikea and other store pick-ups and other non time sensitive items.

If you can be flexible with times and dates, check out the Twitter feed at the bottom of this page which is constantly updated.  We may have something that works for you.

Alternatively email us and let us know what you need moving when, and we will see if we have anything that fits around your requirements.  Please remember to give us as much information as possible including contact numbers, postcodes, what it is and where its going and suitable dates and we will do our best to help and dont forget your load can be anywhere even abroad.

Why have a vehicle returning empty? Use It. Save Fuel.  Save Money: