Frequently asked questions.

Ask away
  • can I order more boxes than needed and return the unused boxes?
  • Yes we advise ordering a few more than is needed just return the unused boxes.
  • collection and delivery Collection is when we come and collect your storage and delivery is when we deliver back your storage. 
  • Free boxes after you have put in your details on the quote form you will be taken to the booking page where the 1st question will ask for the date you want your empty boxes delivered.
  • Can I change my collection or delivery date.? Yes you can email any time after booking as you will be given a Student tracking number which you can quote for any changes.
  • Is there a weight limit.? yes we ask that each item is under 25kg we no its difficult to gage so its ok if there just over as long as we can lift them safely.
  • What if I am not coming back to Exeter. That’s ok we can ship them with one of the uks leading couriers.
  • How do I pay ? We work on trust so we don’t take payment until you return.