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International student shipping from the UK for students. Stuff2Move provides Exeter students with a dedicated, all inclusive international student shipping service. If you are a student relocating internationally at the end of your university degree, or for a gap year, then Student Stuff2Ship is the safe, fast, cheap way to ship your things in a matter of days, not weeks….

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Our shipping service includes:

  • Free double-walled shipping boxes and packing tape.
  • The option to use your own suitcases for shipping.
  • Weight limit of 25kg for Students we can supply  free boxes and tape (25kg if you use your own boxes/suitcases).
  • Full shipping insurance for each shipping box or suitcase.
  • Transit time: 5-10 days,  Get a quote for your destination

All International shipments require a packing list or inventory, if you have opted for one of our packing services our overseas crew will complete this documentation for you. Each customers effects are itemized, color coded and inventoried. The removal crew will provide you with a copy of the inventory for a cross reference at destination. Baggage worldwide  Students4shipping

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Send your belongings with stuff2move wherever you want to air & sea

Export wrapping service:


Shipping: full container/part container loads. Moving across the World is a major step and it is our job to take your worry away. Through our Worldwide shipping service we employ specialist staff available to hold your hand through the entire process and available to provide information on any aspect including:

  • Shipping: full container/part container loads
  • Air freight to ensure your goods arrive at the same time as you
  • Advice on pets (quarantine, veterinary requirements, customs requirements)
  • Customs procedures and local regulations
  • Specific information about your country of destination

In the past, we have moved people just like you to most parts of the World safely and securely. So you can relax in the knowledge that Stuff2Ship will make your Worldwide move a painless experience.

Wood packaging: requirements for imports and exports

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Requirements for exports using wood packaging

Wood is widely used as a packaging material in international trade. Due to the risks of introducing and spreading tree pests, strict controls on wood packaging, both for imports and exports, are enforced. If you don’t conform to these requirements, your entire consignment could be rejected or even destroyed. Wood packaging means any kind of wood used anywhere in packing, such as packing cases, boxes, crates, drums and similar packing, pallets, box pallets and other load boards and pallet collars. It also includes dunnage – loose wood used to protect goods and their packaging and to stop cargoes from shifting during transit. There are specific environmental and other requirements for wood packaging, in addition to any standard requirements for importing packaged goods or packing materials into the UK. Every destination country will also have its own import requirements with which you must also comply if you’re exporting packaged products. This guide explains these requirements and shows how to import wood packaging into the UK and what rules there are for importing goods into the UK packed in wood packaging. You can find import requirements for different countries in the global guide on the Timber Packaging and Pallet Confederation (TIMCON) website. Alternatively, you can contact the country’s embassy or the National Plant Protection Organisation (NPPO) in that country. You can find global national plant protection organisations on the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) website.   Customs clearance at the port straight to your door. customes 3 stuff2move