Beware of scams

Beware of scams

Unfortunately, some criminals try to get money from students, particularly our international students. Some of these scams will be very authentic and persuasive and it can be frightening. Please don’t give out any personal details, especially banking details.

Examples of recent scams that have targeted our students include:


  1. An international student received a hoax phone call from someone claiming to be from the Home Office and was asked to share personal details.
  2. A student gave away their email login details through responding to a phishing email. A few months later, their email account had been hijacked and the hijacker impersonated the University to request the student pay tuition fee deposits.
  3. Committee members of a student society have been targeted with threatening Whatsapp messages.


If you’re contacted by someone and it seems unusual, unexpected or just odd, please end the call/communication. You should then contact your Info Point who can offer you advice on what to do next. If the person who contacted you is genuine they won’t mind you checking this and then getting back to them.

Find out more about keeping safe online.

We also have some specific guidance on protecting yourself on social media.


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Exeter Uni The April/May 2021 examination period will take place online

Examinations and Assessments

The April/May 2021 examination period will take place online. Please review the information available on this webpage for details on the format online examinations take. 

Keep an eye on both your University emails and the student newsletter University Updates for information and guidance.

You can find some frequently asked questions on examinations here. For general questions on COVID-19, including accommodation, absence and self-isolation, please visit these pages.


Student Services are available to support you as you prepare for exams and assessments. Please access the Study Zone for guidance and support on revising and undertaking your examinations.

You can now view your examination timetable at

Your examination will take one of three forms:

  • Option 1.
    An open-book non-invigilated examination that must be completed and submitted within a 24 hour period following the examination start time written on your paper and on your examination timetable.You can use as much of the available 24 hours as you wish, but we do not expect the paper to take the full 24 hours to complete. An indicative amount of time, and/or a maximum word count(s), will be stipulated in the examination rubric, and on your exam timetable.

    Students will need to download, complete, and upload/submit their paper within the specified 24 hour period.

  • Option 2.
    An open-book non-invigilated examination that must be completed and submitted within a fixed duration during a specified 24 hour period as defined on your paper and on your examination timetable.As soon as you begin the download of your examination paper it will be time stamped, and the fixed duration of the examination will begin.

    The duration will be adjusted, where appropriate, with respect to Individual Learning Plans.

    Students are allowed an additional 30 minute window where submission is to BART. If your Option 2 paper must be submitted through BART (not submitted directly within ELE), please ensure you use the 30 minute window at the end of the fixed duration to upload and submit your work, contacting the Assessment Helpdesk should you have any problems during the examination.

    Students will need to download, complete, and upload/submit their paper within the fixed duration and the specified 24 hour period.

    It is your responsibility to note the time you access your Option 2 examination paper, and keep track of when you will need to submit.

  • Option 3.
    An extended non-invigilated examination normally to be taken over a number of weeks. Option 3 extended examinations are designed to be manageable alongside other time pressures, including other assessments.Please be aware, during the April/May assessment period you will not be able to apply for an extension to an option 3 extended examination. This is because option 3 assessments are still to be treated as examinations. Therefore students will have to apply to defer should they not be able to complete the assessment in the allocated weeks.

All Option 1 and 2 exam papers will be posted to Exams ELE, a platform for open book remote examinations. We will post a link to Exams ELE closer to the start of the exam period.

Option 3 extended examinations will be released on ELE, which you can find here. You can also access your course and revision materials on ELE.

Contact the Assessment Helpdesk

From Monday 26 April: or for an urgent request during an examination on the phone line: +44 (0)1392 72 6800

Exeter students set up walking group to promote women’s safety in the city

Following the recent tragic news of Sarah Everard’s murder and the two sexual assaults which have taken place on campus this month, there have been many protests and pushes to improve women’s safety around the country and on campus. Two Exeter uni students have gone the extra mile to create an online community which promoting women’s safety around the city as “we are stronger and safer together.”

Urban Angels Exeter was founded about a month ago by Exeter grad Talisker Alcobia Cornford, 21. With over 1,500 members already, it was the first community to launch, and since then similar groups have been set up in Birmingham, Cardiff, Portsmouth and Brighton. Talisker said: “The aim of Urban Angels is to provide a space for women to share alerts of anything potentially dangerous they experience in Exeter, a space for women to share their experiences and seek solidarity and support, and a place to share ideas, tips and set up initiatives that make the city safer for us.” The community is building a strong support network for women, to support other women.

In light of Sarah Everard’s murder and the statistic that 97% of young women have experienced a form of sexual harassment from men, women around the country have been reminded of how unsafe it can be to walk alone. Talisker told the Exeter Tab: “My idea for the group came from the desire to make UK cities safer for women. I feel immensely passionate about women’s safety, it is ridiculous that women have to fear for their safety when walking alone and that many of the actions we have to take become the norm for us.”