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Looking for summer storage or shipping! We supply Free Boxes and tape to your door. with free collection and Free delivery back and the great part is you pay nothing till your return. We are based in Exeter 10 mins from Exeter uni. Book on line or phone.

Exeter student storage

Why use stuff2move ? As we store locally there are no hidden shipping fees you will be stored in Exeter. Over the past few years , we have heard some horror story’s of company’s based outside of Exeter shipping to somewhere in Manchester. Then loosing everything I have had a mother in tears asking for help trying to track down there belongings sadly I could not track them down so please be careful when booking student storage companies out side of Exeter. Why use Stuff2Move ?? We have been providing student storage since 2007 We collect from your Room and deliver back to your Room.

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Thankyou So much I have used Stuff2move student storage for the last 2 years its a brilliant service the guys are very helpful they collected from my room which was a great help not having to carry boxes to my reception Doreen .

Great service in the middle of coved 19 I could not get back to Exeter and stuff2move packed all my things on a video call so I could see what was being packed I came back a year later and stuff2move delivered the next day will definitely use stuff2move again Ibrahim Hussein

Fantastic I used stuff2move the 1st year and used them through my course even stored a pro keyboard after I finished uni I went home to China and had my things shipped by stuff2move I cant recommend these guys high enough Ben Cheng.

Free Boxes , Free Tape , Free collection , Free delivery back and nothing to pay till return.

‘Humiliating’ arrests of French students following exam protests

‘Humiliating’ arrests of French students following exam protests condemned by politicians

Students forced to kneel with hands behind their heads outside school in western Paris suburb as demonstrations against proposed exam changes spread through country

Elian Peltier,Megan Specia

A demonstration by students outside a school in the western Paris suburb of Mantes-la-Jolie ended in clashes with the police and more than 140 arrests
A demonstration by students outside a school in the western Paris suburb of Mantes-la-Jolie ended in clashes with the police and more than 140 arrests

A video of French students being forced to kneel with their hands behind their heads by riot police has sparked outrage on social media.

The students in the video, taken on earlier this week, were part of a protest in the western Paris suburb of Mantes-la-Jolie against proposed overhauls to national exams.

Demonstrations against the exam proposals have slowly spread around the country, at the same time as France has been shaken by the “yellow vest” protests, which started as opposition to a planned increase in France’s fuel tax.

Jacques Toubon, France’s ombudsman for human rights, said he had opened an investigation into the treatment of the students on Friday.

Easter Storage

If you’re going to be sticking around your student city this Easter (or even popping over to visit friends) then you’re in for a treat. Festivals, exhibitions, club nights and egg hunts all await you across the cities of London, Liverpool, Glasgow and beyond, ensuring you’ll never be bored (and it’s surely a welcome break from sitting in the pub from noon…).


Exeter students may want to enjoy the fun of the Crealy Easter Egg Hunt, which offer tons of prizes to be won and over 10,000 Cadbury Creme Eggs to get your hands on. There’s also the Exeter Quayside craft market, which will feature local makers from the town including live music and lots of tasty Devon fudge.

Easter weekend is also a great time to get active with some outdoorsy activities. Try out Go Ape! In Haldon Forest or have a go at kayaking, climbing or sailing at the Haven Banks Education Centre, if you’re looking to experience something new.

Exeter Student Storage

its that time of year again. Exams are looming for many students. and the great getaway our Student storage service has helped 1000s of Students with Storage and shipping.

Last year a survey carried out by the Exeter international society found Stuff2move were the cheapest service across the board being the only service that collects from your room and a whopping 70% cheap-er than lovespace we also store locally so if you forgot your passport was in a storage box we can get it back within 1 hour something no other storage company can do most will be stored in a hub such as Birmingham collected by couriers or a van that may be back in Birmingham the survey also noted that we are the only company with no hidden charges some company’s charge a handling fee some charge for weekend or evening collections our service we supply free boxes and tape to your door free collection from your room locally stored free delivery back with nothing to pay until your return.


Exeter Students Accommodations are starting to fill Quickly

With accommodation for Exeter Students Filling Fast its time to think what’s available
We spoke to Irion Bridge Studios today and they were busy with Student bookings for Sept

Irion Bridge currently have availability for September starting from £175 per week, all bills

included + WiFi. Our website is…/…/iron-bridge-studios/. We offer a range of different studios and 3 different tenancy lengths. (41,44 and 51 weeks.)

Why store locally ???

Another reason to store your summer storage with us ….
A student was collected this morning (Sunday)
Some hours later she called to say she had packed important travel documents in her boxes we picked up (guessing a passport)
Because we are a local company who store the goods locally , we returned straight away to enable the student to retrieve the item and be able to travel that day
There were tears and thanks from the student who was in a bit of a panic
Some storage company’s store centrally and the goods could have been anywhere in the country by the time she called so this would have been a disaster for her and probably would have meant disrupted travel plans
We were happy to be able to sort out her problem and wish her and all our students safe travels and a great summer
Stuff2move – a local company who store locally.

25% off Exeter International society student storage

Why store locally ? again this year on collection of boxes about 4 hours later the student called In tears having realized there passport and other important papers were packed in 1 of there storage boxes we got the box back within the hour enabling the student to not miss there Flight.
We store locally and do not use couriers for student storage meaning you can stay in contact with the drivers and not having to stay in all day awaiting a driver.

Exeter Easter Student Storage 2017

Its that time of the year again Exams looming and a Easter break in-between we have started to take Exeter Easter storage bookings before the mad rush We at stuff2move would like to wish all our student customers a good break and remember  try to get a little revision in I am sure it will help in the long run.