Exeter university student summer storage

Li xinshuang( Yolanda is off home for a few weeks and here are the pictures of her summer storage

all packed up in to the free storage boxes and saying  by by to uni and her books for a well earned summer holiday and to see friends & family before starting her work again in Sept. when we drop off her storage.


Li xinshuang( Yolanda Exeter University student.

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Hello, I am Li xinshuang (Yolanda) . Thank you very much for helping me with my luggage. I am very satisfied with your service. By the way , I have seen my picture on your website.

Glad to be of help


These students from Exeter university  all stored with stuff2move and run a charity for 5 year olds teaching road safety Exeterstudentstorage.co.uk  were more than happy to supply some free storage   boxes & tapes to make cardboard cars which are now going to be painted  for the teddy bear hospital. Stuff2move think this is a worth while initiative. Keep up the good work guys.


Teddy Bear Hospital (TBH) is a Public Health project for 3-7 year old children – the aim is to reduce children’s fear of doctors and hospitals. It is also a good opportunity for medical students to work with children.

Children can sometimes be frightened or intimidated visit a doctor which can cause major barriers to examining a child or taking a complete history. With Teddy Bear Hospital, children will become more familiar with what doctors look like and what staff in a hospital might wear.

Teddy Bear Hospital is associated with Medsin, the Medical Students’ International Network.

Exeter summer storage for exeter university students

Exeter student storage Pick Up, store and return to  your door after your break. All for one great price.  Student move and store made easy with Stuff2Move. Free Boxes & tape for Exeter university students. Based 3 mins  from Exeter University its as easy as 123 – pick-up, store and relocate you to any university in the UK or Europe with shipping options world wide.

Now in our 7th year of supplying this great service.

      Student Booking line 01392 590 599   Email: Students@stuff2move.co.uk or use the quick contact p

ISIC      Call the stuff2move team for your free boxes & tapeExeter student storage98

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What we do.

Full-containers to a International student shipping home service  from the UK for university students all over the UK. Stuff2Move provides  Exeter students with a dedicated, all inclusive international student shipping & storage service. If you are a student relocating internationally at the end of your university degree, or for a gap year, then Student Stuff2Ship is the safe, fast, cheap way to ship your things in a matter of days, not weeks.

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Our shipping service includes:

  • Free double-walled shipping boxes and packing tape.
  • The option to use your own suitcases for shipping.
  • Weight limit of 25kg for Students we can supply  free boxes and tape (20kg if you use your own boxes/suitcases).
  • Full shipping insurance for each shipping box or suitcase.
  • Transit time: 5-10 days,  Get a quote for your destination.

Baggage worldwide

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Send your belongings with stuff2move wherever you want to go.by air & sea

Baggage worldwide-Economy (by sea)  First large box , prices from £75

Baggage worldwide-Express    (by air)   First large box , prices from £110


Shipping: full container/part container loads & shipping home service  Call us 01392 590 599 Email: info@stuff2move.co.uk

Exeter Student Summer storage

The Stuff2move Team have  delivered over 300 Free boxes & tape to Exeter University Students for summer storage.

Exeter Student Summer Storage 2013 Deals







images (4)                          free moving boxes

Exeter university’s best known Summer storage & shipping home service.


Exeter student storage Pick Up, store and return to your door after your break. All for one great price.  Student move & store made easy with Stuff2Move. Free Boxes & tape for Exeter university students. Based 3 mins from Exeter University. It’s as easy as 123 – pick-up, store and relocate you to any university in the UK or Europe with shipping home options worldwide.

Call The Team 01392 590 599 email: students@stuff2move.co.uk

Stuff2ship has just Finished another 2 containers customs cleared door2door service to Egypt.

IMG-20130508-00386   IMG-20130508-00388 IMG-20130508-00383      Loading the Container that’s a big fridge up a bit     Pulled up next to the HGV looks so big from the van…

This container was 1 of 2 bound for Egypt  A House removal From Exeter  shipped with stuff2ship Customs cleared and delivered to the new house In Egypt .


IMG-20130508-00381  IMG-20130508-00387  shipping container egypt crop

From the Empty Container  and a Pallet with a generator on it (like we all have 1 of them)   A happy Egyptian Family.