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What we do.

Full-containers to a International student shipping home service  from the UK for university students all over the UK. Stuff2Move provides  Exeter students with a dedicated, all inclusive international student shipping & storage service. If you are a student relocating internationally at the end of your university degree, or for a gap year, then Student Stuff2Ship is the safe, fast, cheap way to ship your things in a matter of days, not weeks.

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Our shipping service includes:

  • Free double-walled shipping boxes and packing tape.
  • The option to use your own suitcases for shipping.
  • Weight limit of 25kg for Students we can supply  free boxes and tape (20kg if you use your own boxes/suitcases).
  • Full shipping insurance for each shipping box or suitcase.
  • Transit time: 5-10 days,  Get a quote for your destination.

Baggage worldwide

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Send your belongings with stuff2move wherever you want to air & sea

Baggage worldwide-Economy (by sea)  First large box , prices from £75

Baggage worldwide-Express    (by air)   First large box , prices from £110


Shipping: full container/part container loads & shipping home service  Call us 01392 590 599 Email: